Binary Options Broker
Binary Options Broker
Predict price movements and get profit on ups and downs
1. Return and refund policy

1. Before making a withdrawal request the client’s account should be verified. More about verification see here

2. In order to make a withdrawal the Client has to make an enquiry from his Profile. To complete the enquiry the client has to choose any of the withdrawal methods from the list and fill all the necessary details.

3. After a withdrawal request is made, it changes the status to "Requested". After the request comes to process, it changes the status to "In process". After receiving the status "In process", funds are not moved from the balance and the user can continue to trade on the platform. Funds will be transferred to the payment system wallet after a request changes the status to "Processed".

4. Withdrawal enquires are processed by the financial department of the Company one by one. The time of the process may vary from 1 business day up to 3 business days. The company reserves the right to increase the process time, in that case the Company notifies the Client via one of the contact methods, which was provided by the Client during the registration.

5. Withdrawal can be processed on the personal details, used to deposit only. In case if there is no technical possibility to withdraw funds to the payment system account used to deposit, a method will be chosen by the Company, according to client`s options. In such case payment details should be similar to the Client personal details.

6. Please pay attention to your balance when you request withdrawal and continue trading. It is important to keep sufficient amount for withdrawal. SiamOption will refuse in paying off your money if you apply for withdrawal and lose money afterwards.

7. The Client takes full responsibility to the information he provides to the Company at the enquiry of withdrawal.

8. Withdrawal limits for the users of SiamOption:

Total deposit history Withdrawal limits
per day per week per month
< 3,000 Baht 1,000 Baht 5,000 Baht 10,000 Baht
3,000-10,000 Baht 3,000 Baht 10,000 Baht 20,000 Baht
> 10,000 Baht 5,000 Baht 20,000 Baht 40,000 Baht
Predict price movements and get profit on ups and downs
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